In the spirit of romance, all week we are going to be bringing you heart-warming stories of the love that is blooming within the Airbnb community. From enterprising host couples who have used their earnings to finance their wedding day, to surprise engagements in the confines of a romantic abode, Airbnb has been lucky to be a part of many couples lives. These stories make us feel warm and fuzzy, and this week, we’ll be sharing them so you can feel the love too.


…just moments after the proposal.


…the place where the proposal happened.


…just moments before saying “I do.”

ExtraordinAiry Couple #1

Tessa & Dorian

 “I thought there was no way he could be interested in me,” said Tessa.  Added Dorian, “When I first met her, I thought she was the most beautiful and unique woman I had ever encountered.” Fast forward four years later, and this lovely duo has just recently walked down the aisle proclaiming “I do.” How was involved? The proposal took place in this listing – a beautiful, cozy apartment in Paris.

Neither of them had been to France before, so they thought a trip for Tessa’s 26th birthday was the perfect excuse. That being said, Dorian clearly had other plans. He stuck a ring in his pocket and hoped he wouldn’t get mugged while waiting for exactly the right moment to ask. Towards the end of their 8 day stay they spent the afternoon exploring the city afoot, sampling different cafes and people-watching for hours. To end the perfect day, they cooked a meal together, snuggled on the couch to read (one of their favorite pastimes) and clasped hands in contentment.

“While we were reading he was holding my hand, and he slipped the ring on my finger while I had my nose buried in my book. I looked down at my hand, freaked out and he asked if I would be his wife. I accepted of course,” said Tessa. Dorian said, “I’m so happy it happened the way it did. In that moment that apartment felt like home and it felt perfect to ask the women I cherished to marry me there”

They spent the rest of their time in Paris talking about the future, their wedding, and what life together forever would be like. Host Karine, was thrilled that her place could be part of such an amazing memory for the couple. “I feel like my apartment was a happy place, but now it feels even happier.”

~All the best to Tessa & Dorian on their new lives together.


The AirTeam 

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