It’s nothing new: The European Vacation has always been an ultimate dream trip for many adventurous Americans. But what is new? Just how affordable traveling to Europe has become lately. We wanted to find out what locations our community has its eye on when they jet across the ocean, and which of these cities we should be keeping our eyes on.

(Hint: If you’re expecting to see London, Paris, and Rome…. Think again.)

Top five European destinations by U.S. Travelers:

  1. Porto: If you’re on the hunt for wine, parties in summertime, historic churches and bell towers, and Baroque and Beaux-Arts architecture, Porto is the place for you. And, apparently, a growing number of American travelers. So get there before everyone else does!
  2. Milan: Milan has long been known for fashion houses, fashion photographers, fashionistas, Duomo, Navigli, and Italy moderna, but these days, it’s designer spirit has felt more accessible and inclusive. (And that includes you!)
  3. Lyon: Winding your way through the cobblestone streets, university buildings, and Gothic cathedrals of Old Lyon, there’s a good chance you’ll chance upon one of the city’s many dimly lit, narrow passageways. Follow these medieval traboules to find convivial Lyonnaise pubs, reverberating neon nightclubs, and tittering locals sharing boards of duck pate at Michelin ranked bouchons. Guided by the city’s lights, getting lost is the best bet for finding your place in Lyon.
  4. Budapest: In Budapest, nightlife lasts until the next day. Near the Danube River, you can be drinking in ruin pubs while admiring Soviet architecture and art. Appreciate the alternative lifestyles, warm coffee in cozy cafes, Margit Island, The Parliament, public baths, paprika, goulash, fröccs. Just to, you know, name a few.
  5. Dublin: In the mood for a proper pub? You can find that here, along with the proper pints, proper tea, razor sharp wit, and, of course, The Guinness and Jameson factories. But it’s not just drinking culture in Dublin that people come for–there’s also more scholarly pursuits: literature by the likes of Joyce, Wilde, and Yeats, Trinity College and the Book of Kells, Howth and Glendalough. So really, it’s the perfect balance.

Top three destinations from N.Y.C.:

  1. Budapest
  2. Milan
  3. Venice
European Trends Budapest Airbnb Agnes Lee


Top three destinations from L.A.:

  1. Ibiza
  2. Lyon
  3. Marseille
EuropeanTrends Ibiza Airbnb Agnes Lee


Top three destinations from Chicago:

  1. Marseille
  2. Ibiza
  3. Mallorca Island


Top three destinations from San Francisco:

  1. Porto
  2. Vienna
  3. Stockholm
European Trends Porto Airbnb Agnes Lee


Top three destinations from Boston:

  1. Mallorca Island
  2. Istanbul
  3. Geneva
European Trends Istanbul Airbnb Agnes Lee


Top three destinations from Miami:

  1. Istanbul
  2. Budapest
  3. Ibiza