The way people travel varies all over the world. Some people want sun in the winter, some folks can’t wait to hit the slopes.

We see that with holiday bookings—this year, Bali bookings tripled during the holiday season, as did bookings in Aspen and Vail. But as people seek out accommodations in these adventurous destinations, there are other markets that won’t be in as high demand.

Travel trends differ from one place to the next—San Francisco and Sydney have very different high seasons, but both have experienced consistent seasonality trends on Airbnb in the past three years.


Brussels Christmas Market

Are you a host looking to navigate seasonality and increase your chances of a booking?

Here are a few recommendations that we know work well for successful hosts in low season but are also important for maintaining a top-quality listing that appeals to guests year-round. We know guests care about several things when evaluating a place to stay including: reviews, photos, and description, the price of the listing, the location of the listing, and the behavior of the host (such as response time, response rate, and acceptance rate).

Lower your price

Guests are often more price conscious during low travel season because they have more to choose from. Try experimenting with a lower price to attract guests and help you build up your reviews. Do your own comparison and see what similar listings in your area are charging.

Improve your listing

Photos: You may be eligible to take advantage of our professional photography. Great photos make a big difference when a traveler is deciding where to stay. Photo captions will also help a guest navigate faster what they will receive.

Listing description: Be descriptive about your place and what you have to offer. Change your listing title to fit the season or attract a certain type of guest.


Provide the best experience possible

Many travelers opt to stay at an Airbnb listing because of the local, personal flavor provided by hosts. Showing your guests great hospitality will lead to better reviews.

Get familiar with the Airbnb hospitality standards and begin living them.


On average, guests reach out to 3 hosts per trip. The longer you wait to respond to a message, the more likely they are to book with someone else. To stay on top of messages, download the Airbnb mobile app for your iPhone or Android smart phone.

Get verified

Verifying your ID helps build credibility with potential guests.