White-washed walls and pastel-colored roofs make Santorini a pictureperfect backdrop for
sampling local wines, enjoying homemade moussaka and baklava, and lounging cliff-side luxuriating in spectacular ocean views.In the charming northern town of Oia, make your way down a winding path to Roca for a mouth-watering meal of shrimp saganaki and Greek meatballs. Afterwards, take an evening stroll along the boardwalk and peruse the talented photography and poetry at the Mnemossyne art gallery.
Catch a local bus or rent a car for the winding 20-minute drive to the main town of Fira, considered the hotspot of Santorini with its labyrinthine maze of shops, restaurants, and bars. Located on the main road in Fira, the intimate Kapari taverna is exactly how you’d imagine a Greek restaurant to be– friendly service, hearty food, cozy atmosphere. Try the chicken with ouzo and honey or the fried sun-dried tomatoes with tzatziki. Afterward, duck into the jazz bar Kira Thira for a glass of their famous sangria and some classic tunes.

Cliffside villas abound in Santorini, but for a bit of history, try staying in a private suite in a stately mansion. Located in the heart of Fira behind the town church, the former residence of one of Santorini’s most powerful families provides a calming retreat as a luxury bed and breakfast.

Locals whisper that there’s something magical about the sunlight in Santorini and countless artists, poets, and musicians throughout history have been inspired by the island’s sun-drenched beauty and picturesque charm. Strolling down cobblestone paths with the cobalt waters of the Aegean Sea beckoning in all directions, you can’t help but agree that the light does trip fantastically on this inspired Greek isle.
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