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Your availability is when and how often you offer your experience, and it impacts how easily potential guests find your experience on Airbnb. Those settings are of course entirely up to you, and we hope the following tips on availability will provide some inspiration to help you reach your hosting goals.

Thinking long-term.

If you don’t have any upcoming availability, your experience won’t appear in search results. To be visible to as many potential guests as possible, consider offering at least a few available experiences each month for at least 2-3 months into the future. Remember – guests can instantly book any dates you’ve made available on your calendar.

Being committed. 

Canceling or altering a booked experience can be disruptive to guests and the plans they’ve made. It’s important to keep your calendar up-to-date so you can honor all bookings. Please also be aware that if you cancel there may be a fine of up to $500 and your account could be suspended. Our Help Center has articles on host cancellation policy and what happens if a guest cancels.

Being open to trying something new.  

A top tip from hosts was to get a feel for what types of availability work best within your market. Bookings can depend on your location, the season, and the type of experience you’re hosting. Consider experimenting with the availability and lead time associated with your experience to see what gets the best response from guests, since some guests like to search and book last minute while others prefer to do so far in advance.

Doing photo shoots on a regular basis has helped me become more creative while keeping the experience fresh for me, since I do not repeat the exact same locations. It’s also allowed me to become a better entrepreneur and problem solver as I grow my business and brand.

–Raul, Host of Street Cinema in Miami

I offer two different experiences and quickly found which was the most popular, so skewed my calendar to having the most popular experience available five days a week and the other experiences for the other two days. I saw a good uptake over [peak] season and was able to get frequent bookings from November to March.

–Paris, Host of Sunset Biking Under Table Mountain in Cape Town