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Hosting a Social Impact experience is a way to reach a large audience and turn the typical activities associated with volunteering and nonprofits into immersive learning opportunities in local communities.

Guests decide to book Social Impact experiences on Airbnb because they’re looking for a unique activity that will have a lasting, positive influence on their own lives and on a cause that they believe in.

There are many different ways that hosts have created out-of-the-box educational, recreational, and volunteer-driven Social Impact experiences that entice and inspire guests while staying true to their organizations’ missions. Click through for more on how they designed their experiences.

Regardless of the content of your experience, all Social Impact experiences are an opportunity to share your organization’s mission as a way to educate guests and encourage them to become advocates for your cause.

Here are some ways you could share your mission:

Highlight your cause. Give guests an inside look at the cause your organization addresses, and why it’s important.

Tell a story. Share some background on the formation of your organization and, if it fits in, how you came to be involved in it.

Show your impact. Help guests understand how your organization has benefited the community.

Encourage involvement. Offer guests ways to stay involved. For example you could help them sign up for your newsletter, like your organization’s Facebook page, make donations, or plan to volunteer in the future.

“…We loved discovering the meaningful non-profit project of Harlem Grown, and helping the volunteers watering the plants, filtering the compost and changing plants beds and soil. It was a very good hard work, very beneficial for the mind and the body. Very interesting too: talking with the volunteers and discovering their own path. Long live Harlem Grown!”  — Sebastian, a guest of the Urban Grown experience in New York City.