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Part of what makes Airbnb Experiences so special is the creativity of hosts like you. And oftentimes, that creativity means using music, artwork, writing, and other content in the activities you plan for guests.

As you design your itinerary, keep the Airbnb Content Policy in mind and remember that you need to have the rights to use any copyrighted work that appears in your online experience. Before you start hosting an activity that includes music, literary work, photographs, videos, or other materials, one of the following must be true:

  • You are the author / songwriter / artist;
  • You have the proper permissions / licenses to use the work in your experience; or
  • The music or other artwork is in the public domain (meaning that the copyright has expired or the creator has expressly made it public domain). This is typically the case for music from the early 20th Century or earlier. 

Music often requires multiple licenses: one for the composition and one for the recording of the composition, which means there can be multiple rights holders and copyrights. For more information about using music in particular, here’s a detailed article outlining the permissions you may need and how you can obtain them. 

When you become an online experience host, you make it easier for people around the world to connect. By respecting the rights of artists you feature, you help make experiences a more welcoming place for everyone. 



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