On the Trust and Safety team at Airbnb we believe that transparency builds trust, which is why we’ve developed several ways for you to get to know your guest or host before your stay. You can look for guests or hosts with verified profile information (email address, phone number), connect your Facebook account to see if you have friends in common with other Facebook-connected guests and hosts, and look for guests with prior reviews or references from other Airbnb users.

A few months ago we noted the one-year anniversary of Verified ID, a product that we developed to help build a new level of transparency in the Airbnb community. When you see a Verified ID badge on an Airbnb profile, it means that a guest or host has matched the name on their online ID to the name on their offline identification.

In the time since we launched Verified ID, over 15 million total guests have stayed on Airbnb. Our team is working hard to make Verified ID as customer-friendly as possible. We’re please to let you know that in addition to Facebook or LinkedIn, customers can now use their Google or Weibo accounts to complete the online portion of Verified ID. Google counts over 540 million active users, and Weibo over 500 million. And as before, customers with pre-existing Airbnb reviews can use them to complete the online verification.

Verified ID is expanding rapidly — in the US, nearly half of our guests and hosts that made bookings last week had a Verified ID. Outside the US, it was nearly a third. We are building on this momentum, and we believe the additions of Weibo and Google will help expand Verified ID globally, especially for our community in Asia.

Verified ID is a work in progress, and we always have room to improve, so we want your feedback. If you have ideas for how we can make Verified ID easier to use, or if you spot problems or bugs, please feel free to send me a note: phil@airbnb.com.