Photos and videos play an important role in sharing your story. Not only do they help potential guests get a feel for your experience, they also give people a way to picture themselves taking it and understand what to expect.


  • Upload and submit at least 5 photos for your experience page
  • Show the main activities and aspects that make up your experience
  • Set the stage by showing where you’ll be hosting and talking to guests
  • Include a photo of you speaking in front of your camera or computer to communicate that the experience is taking place online
  • Add photos of guests joining and engaging with your experience online
  • Make sure your photos have good lighting or are taken under or close to natural light sources


  • Show people breaking any isolation, social distancing, or quarantine rules
  • Include selfies or photos that look staged—to help pictures look candid, use the timer on your camera instead
  • Add effects, filters, graphics, or text to your photos
  • Upload photos of alcohol, drugs, nudity, children, or questionable activity

For visual examples, please reference the complete host photo guidelines for online experiences.


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