Comfort and creativity. Slowness and simplicity. These are the elements that locals Jon Bäcklund and Stina Ekström love about their vegetarian life in Bromma, just 20 minutes outside of Stockholm. Our world-traveling friends over at Freunden von Freunden recently spent some time with Jon and Stina touring Stockholm and getting a taste for the greener side of the city.

From Jon and Stina’s unique perspective, here are some perfect ways to soak in the natural beauty of Stockholm:

Connecting with nature in Rosendals Trädgård

Experience next level nature in this gorgeous garden located on the island and borough of Djurgården. It focuses mainly on biodynamic cultivation, but there’s also a garden shop, a small restaurant with selected organic meals, and a café. Each has a plant-house architectural touch and is packed regardless of season, time, or day.

Stina: “I studied at a biodynamic school in Järna, south of Stockholm. That’s when I fell in love. It’s so nice that you’re able to see and touch all the plants and vegetables sold in the shop and restaurant. They also have a Christmas market that’s very nice.

Going organic at Kalf & Hanse

If you’re looking for 100% Nordic, organic fast food, Kalf & Hansen has your Stockholm meal of choice. You don’t often hear the words “fast-food” and “organic” in the same sentence, but this is a bulls-eye description of Kalf-Hansen. Located in Mariatorget in Södermalm, the concept is simple: meat, fish and vegetarian fricadelles (a meatless take on the sort of minced-meat hot dog popular in the region) served in a variety of dishes. The names for each dish are Nordic cities. Even though the place is a tiny corner-shop, they keep themselves quite busy.

Stina: “Everything here is based on season and of the highest quality. They provide you with some of the most eco-friendly vegetables and meats you can find in Stockholm. You’d think with a place like this that is so conscious of where all their ingredients and products come from that it would be expensive, but it’s actually very affordable. Even the interior is made from recycled materials mixed with organic birch.”

Bowl of salad

Vegetarian views at Hermans

This is one of Stockholm’s few strictly vegetarian restaurants. Located on the mountain right on top of the Fotografiska Museum, the view is nothing less than spectacular. Even though the prices for the impressive buffet change quite a bit depending on what time you get here, it’s worth the money. Looking out onto the canal while eating your meal—taking in the connection between the archipelago and the south of Stockholm—is simply breathtaking.

Stina: “This place actually charges you more for the view than the food. We found this place when I was living in the area and we had a house meeting here. I actually think my stepmother was the one who suggested it

At home in Bromma

Back at their tranquil, creative Bromma home, the couple has transformed a vintage 1976 school bus into a labor of love and an unconventional Airbnb experience that embraces the natural surroundings (the bus is situated just outside of a dense forest that makes you feel as if you’re in the middle of nowhere) as well as the passionate vegetarian community around them.

Stina: “Usually [we get] people who want to something different; they like to experience nature and are interested in the community,” explains Stina. “They’ve chosen a place to stay that is completely different from a hotel. And before they travel back to their hometown, we get to hear about their experiences in the city.”

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