After announcing the upcoming 2015 Airbnb Open event in Paris, we heard from a number of hosts who want to know why we are charging a registration fee this year. We hear you, and we want you to know why we’ve made this choice.

Last year, we saw that a lot more hosts wanted to take part in the summit than a small venue could accommodate. Reservations for the inaugural Open in San Francisco filled quickly, and we had a waitlist of over 2,000 hosts hoping to attend. Some of the hosts who did register for a spot ended up missing the event, which left spots we could have given to folks on the waiting list empty. This year, we want to do more to make sure every host who really wants to be there has a place at the table. By charging a registration fee, we hope to ensure that the hosts who commit to coming are going to be there. We don’t want anyone on a waitlist if there is an available spot!

The registration fee also helps us offset a small portion of the higher costs that come with booking a larger venue. At Parc de la Villette we’ll have room for up to 6,000 hosts and a wider offering of valuable programs and inspiring celebrations! As we invest in developing an inclusive and exciting event, we are asking hosts to cover only a small percentage of the cost for their experience. This registration fee will make sure that every participant can enjoy all of the event programming, select meals, and evening celebrations. And, this is a sustainable financial model that can allow us to make the Open an annual event in various parts of the world.

We want the 2015 Airbnb Open to inspire, equip, and celebrate you. And we want to gather with the host community to learn how to do what we do better. Let’s make this year’s summit one to remember! Stay tuned as we reveal exciting details in the days to come.