Photos play an important role in sharing your story and help potential guests get excited about booking your experience. 

How are photos displayed on my page?

Your Experience page will display a “grid” of 5 photos that tell the visual story of your experience. 

The first photo is called the cover photo (# 1 below). This is the image that appears in Airbnb search results. It can be either a photo or a video. 

The rest are gallery photos (#2 below). You must have at least 5 photos uploaded in order for them to appear in a grid layout.

Requirements for all photos

  1. Show a wide variety of details and angles. Photos should include Host & Guest interaction, the location where you’re hosting, and close-up details of the experience. Make sure your photos don’t look too similar.
  2. At least one photo must include a person (e.g. Host or Guest) and this photo must represent your experience as a whole. This will be used as your cover photo.
  3. Photos should be candid and natural. Avoid selfies or unnaturally posed photos.
  4. Photos should all describe an interesting element of the experience. Don’t use photos that lack context, or that may be confusing to Guests.
  5. Photos must be vertically oriented.
    We recommend only submitting vertical photos. If the photo you are submitting is horizontal, it must be one that can be cropped vertically, without losing key information.
  6. Photos must be natural color. No black and white, and no heavy filters.

  7. Photos can not have text or images (e.g. logos) overlaid on the image.

  8. Photo must be an individual image, not a collage of several photos.

  9. Photos can’t be blurry, stretched, or distorted. The minimum resolution size is 480 x 720px at 72dpi.

  10. Photos must be well-lit and not too dark.
    If your experience takes place in the dark (e.g. outdoors at night), make sure the subjects of the photo are visible.

Additional photo content guidelines

  1. Children shown on the cover photo must be with an adult. If your experience is for families with kids, make sure the majority of your photos include the parent, teacher, or guardian accompanying any children.
  2. Alcohol & smoking –  Photos prominently showing alcohol or smoking must follow certain rules. The location where the experience takes place must have the appropriate license, with the exception of hosts leading an Online Experience from home. All individuals shown in photos that include alcohol or smoking must appear to be at or over the legal age to participate.
  3. Photos may not depict sexually explicit scenes (e.g. nudity), drugs, illegal activities, or obscenity.
  4. Photos may not violate our Animal Welfare Guidelines for Airbnb Experiences. That means, you can’t show direct contact with wild animals in the wild. This includes, but is not limited to, petting, feeding, or riding animals. Photos of domesticated animals and animals in captivity must depict good animal welfare.
  5. Photos must be relevant to the experience. For example, if you’re hosting a baking class– don’t add photos of a surfboard.

As described in the Airbnb Terms of Service and Additional Terms for Experience Hosts, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you have the right to post the photos you submit and that you are complying with all relevant marketing, intellectual property, and other laws.



We know it’s a lot of information! You may want to refer to this checklist before you submit photos:

  • The cover photo shows hosts/guests interacting on the experience
  • The cover photo conveys what guests will be doing during the experience
  • Photo grid should show a variety of details and angles (e.g. interaction, location, details) 
  • Photos can’t be duplicates or too similar to one another
  • Photos can’t be a selfie and people are not unnaturally posing
  • Photos must be vertically cropped
  • Photos must be in color, not black and white
  • Photos can’t have text or logos overlaid on the image
  • Photos must be an individual image, not a collage of several photos
  • Photos must be high resolution (480 x 720px or bigger at 72dpi)
  • Photos must well-lit and not too dark
  • Photo can’t be stretched or distorted
  • Photos can’t prominently show alcohol unless it’s in a licensed location (or an Online Experience)
  • Photos can’t show underage drinking or smoking 
  • Photos can’t show sexually explicit scenes, drugs, or illegal activities
  • If children are shown on the cover photo, they must be accompanied by adult

We hope that this article will help you understand the photo guidelines, and also represent your experience in the best possible way.