Yes, this was an April Fool joke. Sorry!

Uh-oh. We might have to change our name pretty soon.

We’re incredibly thrilled to announce our latest offering. It would be the most awesome experience on Earth…except it’s not on Earth at all.

It’s above it.


Airbnb is all about access to unique spaces – such as villas, treehouses, igloos, and giraffe manors. We’ve worked hard to bring you experiences you never dreamed possible. But this time, we’ve surprised even ourselves.

That’s right. We’re taking you to space.


We’ve partnered with an amazing set of innovative international companies to enable you to have the stay of a lifetime: a night (or several!) in the International Space Station.

Airbnb guests on the space station will have the opportunity to sleep in Node 3 (appropriately named “Tranquility”) and experience science at its cutting edge. The International Space Station is home to several concurrent research projects, and guests will enjoy access to ongoing experiments in many of the station’s nodes. And you can’t beat the views!

Food will be provided in the form of freeze-dried rations that have been formulated to keep you alert and functional during your time in orbit. A state-of-the-art water-waste-recycling system ensures that you’ll stay hydrated. And you’ll be able to breathe easy, as Tranquility boasts the space station’s most advanced oxygen-producing facilities.


Transportation to the space station is currently restricted only to passengers of Soyuz rockets. While transit costs are considerable, a significant discount on the journey is available to confirmed Airbnb guests.

Our newest listing is available at a special promotional price of $4112 per night. (Owing to our partnership network, citizens of the United Kingdom can instead book at an even lower rate of £1412.)

We’re excited to go beyond the atmosphere. (The only drawback: our company name is no longer accurate. Spacebnb, anyone?)

See you up there!