Airbnb Adventures is a collection of bucket list-worthy multi-day Experiences hosted by local experts that take intimate groups to epic, off-the-beaten-path locations and immerses them in unique cultures and communities. Introducing guests to natural wonders, cultures, and communities that are hard to reach on their own, Airbnb Adventures are put together and led by hosts who have fascinating stories to tell.

Want to spend six days on a safari, experience the wonders of the middle east, or camp on a cliff? Essential gear, meals, and accommodation are all included with each Adventure—all you have to do is show up (flights not included).

You don’t have to be a daredevil to have an Adventure

The breadth of Adventures reaches far beyond the challenging to match every passion and skill level. Across each corner of the world, these adventures range from active to foodie, farming to camping, music to animals—always with a strong element of local community. And all Adventures are in small groups so guests can look to learn, make personal connections, seek challenges, and grow.

Wondering which Adventures are right for you?

Each Adventure has a detailed page for guests with information about the host, the trip, and what you can expect from the trip. You’ll also find details about the physical intensity level of the Adventure to be sure it fits with your level of fitness.

Safety considerations for Airbnb Adventures

Criteria and restrictions for hosts that lead Adventures
In developing best practices for Adventures, we worked with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), expert leaders in the outdoor activities space. Established in 1990, the ATTA today is widely recognized as a vital leadership voice and partner for the adventure travel industry around the world.

All Adventures must meet certain quality and eligibility standards before being offered to guests, and every host must demonstrate expertise relevant to the Experience they host. Hosts who would like to lead an Adventure with activities that may require special skills or certifications as part of that trip, must attest to having the appropriate skills certification, current First Aid & CPR training, and/or access to medical services relevant to the activity they would like to lead.

For Adventures involving certain activities that could pose a heightened safety risk, we look to see that hosts have licenses and/or certifications for the activity where appropriate. We work with a third-party vendor to check licenses and/or certifications for the activity.

Airbnb provided trip protections
All Adventures include 24/7 customer support. We also maintain $1 million of liability insurance under our Experience Protection Insurance program, in order to provide hosts and guests with peace of mind (certain exclusions apply). In the event of a life-threatening injury, we also have partnered with an emergency medevac provider which may be activated to reach an injured party to support a medically necessary evacuation.

How to become an Airbnb Adventure host
If you are interested in becoming a host, please email