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Social Impact experiences are a special kind of Airbnb experience that come with their own considerations. As you begin planning yours, start by checking your eligibility and deciding who will take responsibility for running it.

Check your eligibility.

The organization you want to host for must be a registered NGO or nonprofit as defined by our partner organization, TechSoup. We’ve partnered with them to validate nonprofit eligibility status.

The following types of nonprofit organizations are not eligible to host a Social Impact experience:

  • Religious organizations, except when the activities being sponsored are non-sectarian, such as soup kitchens or shelters, and are open to all faiths.
  • Organizations that discriminate or have exclusionary practices on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, or other issues of diversity and identification.
  • Political or lobbying organizations, fraternities and sororities, and certain advocacy and mutual benefit organizations.

You can learn more about nonprofit eligibility in our Help Center.

Once you’ve submitted your experience concept, we’ll reach out with the next steps for the validation process with TechSoup.

Selecting a host.

While Social Impact experiences must be hosted by one or more individuals, those individuals don’t need to be high-ranking members of the team like the CEO. Instead, think about one or two people who have the time, passion, and personality type to be the best possible hosts for the experience. The right choice for a host could be:

  • A staff member
    • Example: Patricia is a staff member at Precita Eyes and hosts Balmy Alley Mural Walk in San Francisco
  • A community member 
    • Example: Ignacio is an artist in the local Bay Area community who was invited to host Inside the Artist’s Studio for the nonprofit Root Division.
  • A volunteer 
    • Example: Priya is a volunteer at St. Anthony’s and hosts Neighbors in Need on their behalf.
  • Two people co-hosting