Heading to NYC to run the TCS New York City Marathon, or maybe you’re just an avid runner looking for a place that can meet your athletic needs? When deciding where to stay in New York City for the TCS New York City Marathon, you have to take into account factors like being close to a trail, the starting line, space to stretch out and wind down, or simply having a place that feels like home to put your tired feet up.

New York Marathon Airbnb listing

Colorful apartment overlooking St Nicholas Park—great place to stretch your legs

We’ve pulled together some local hosts that go the extra mile and their runner-approved listings. Even if you’re merely a marathon bystander, one of these spots might just inspire you to lace up those sneakers and get out there—at least for a victory lap around Manhattan.

Here are a few additional ways to make the most of your stay in NYC as a runner:

Warm up your legs in your own gym

Of course, the most scenic way to get a workout in NYC would be to hit the pavement and run the city. But that’s not to say that the convenience of a gym wouldn’t come in handy. A building with a treadmill, weight room, or area to stretch can be hard to come by in New York, but quite a few of our hosts have impressive additions on the fitness front. And that means you get to take full advantage!

Airbnb with gym

See New York Airbnbs with gyms

Soothe your tired soles

Is there any better post-run recovery than soaking in a hot tub? (Okay, maybe an ice cold beer works, too.) A handful of NYC Airbnbs come equipped with relaxing, spa-like amenities for your stay—Zuma deep soaking tub, anyone?

See New York Airbnbs with hot tubs

Find a host that doubles as a running buddy

Get an inside track on the best routes by getting in with a local runner as your host. Fellow runners who know where to (and where NOT to) run—they’re almost as valuable as a good night’s sleep. Almost.

Enjoy a breakfast of champions

Whether you need a complete and balanced pre-run breakfast or you’re looking for the best local spot to carbo-load the night before the long haul, your host can point you toward those favorite neighborhood restaurants to hit the spot. Or, if you’re lucky, your host might even provide breakfast for you. Now that’s what we mean when we say our hosts go the extra mile!

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