Fast-moving and ever-evolving, when you’re planning a trip it can be difficult to know where to stay in Seoul. Today, we’re excited to announce Seoul as our newest addition to Airbnb Neighborhoods.

Whether you’re looking to study Seoul’s political past or predict its tech-savvy future along the Han River, Seoul Neighborhoods is designed to help you decide which neighborhood is right for you and your interests.


Embodying dynastic traditions and popular culture, South Korea’s capital city boasts neighborhoods that reflect its rich history and progressive style. From the gentle incandescence of Jongno District’s floating lanterns to the unavoidably catchy sounds of Hongdae’s up-and-coming K-POP phenoms, Seoul’s neighborhoods invite you to experience a city that at once exemplifies centuries-old cultural traditions and ahead-of-their-time trends.


With Seoul Neighborhoods, we invite you to explore 24 neighborhoods Seoulites love to call home.

Soon, you’ll love them too.