We believe that creativity can solve any problem.

Our community is one of the most innovative, exciting, and fun groups anywhere. A few days ago, we asked our Facebook fans what the most creative thing they did that day was.

The answers were nothing short of amazing. Several people had started writing novels. One fan had just designed a new product ready to take the world by storm. Art projects abounded – from crocheting pumpkins to arranging tabletop displays. And one person even took their own olives to the mill that day. Presto: extra, extra, extra virgin olive oil.

We deeply believe in this innovative spirit. That’s why we teamed up with Dropbox to sponsor the after-party for Startup School.

Startup School brings together experts in creativity and innovation for a one-day conference that’s open to anyone with a curious mind. The point is to take folks with great ideas and help turn those ideas into reality.

It’s these ideas that will change the world – for the better. It’s why we jumped at the chance to bring together Startup School participants into a setting where the drinks – and creative thought – could flow. And it’s why we’ll always support ventures that turn original thoughts into reality.

(Just for fun, we’ve posted the pictures of the event on our Facebook page – head over there and check them out!)