Six months ago, we announced the launch of our most ambitious Customer Service initiative yet. We pledged phone support around the clock, as well as a $50,000 Host Guarantee.

We knew that this would be a challenge, but we never realized how dependent we would be on the quality of our community. We’re proud to have delivered exceptional customer service for six months now, but it’s all due to the caliber of our hosts and guests.

Our community continues to amaze us. Every day, Airbnb hosts provide the best customer service imaginable, welcoming guests into their spaces and treating them hospitably and generously. Our guests return the favor, giving kudos to our hosts and even go so far as to purchase them gifts from their travels.

These interactions resonate powerfully for me personally. Prior to joining Airbnb, I worked at eBay and PayPal for 10 years. I was inspired by the community values espoused by Pierre Omidyar – a visionary who had enough faith in humanity to believe that the word “stranger” wasn’t scary.

The most important eBay value is that the right environment brings out the best in people. It’s a belief we share at Airbnb – and it’s reinforced for us through the tens of thousands of positive interactions we witness every day.

Some folks told Pierre he was crazy, just as some folks told Airbnb’s founders they were crazy. But the people have proved Pierre right. In the right circumstances, people shine.

That’s why we will always love you. Working at Airbnb reinforces my faith in humanity every day, and I want to personally thank you – our community – for making it a pleasure to serve you.

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Monroe is Airbnb’s Director of Customer Service. He prefers traveling to buying stuff.

(Image courtesy kelvin255, Flickr)